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Update, Page 2

But now that I'm home, it seems everything's changed. After I graduated, it seemed like everything was pretty much the same. I was the same guy, right?
Well, after going on that trip, it's different. For one, I don't love my car as much as I used to. I think it is because I'm not working anymore. My car was a symbol of going home, of the end of my tiredness... But now that I have no work, there is no need for escape, because there's nowhere to escape from. And to compound that is the apathy that I will never be able to restore the bomb. The car is registered in my father's name and he wants me to get a 'better' car. Like I could ever get anything better than the wonderful yellow Bomb. *sigh*
Then my friends... They're all doing things without me... Of course, I don't blame them. I left them shortly after graduation to go northwards. But still, I'm sad. I hung out a bit with one, watched the Animatrix, played the arcades, but I'm still kinda edgy... Waiting for something... I dunno. I gotta get out of here. Do something.
I think it all boils down to the song...
"I've got too much time on my hands..."