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June 17, 2003 - The post so he isn't a hypocrite

Okay, update... I graduated. I travelled up to Oregon with my grandfather, driving his car back up to his house. On the way we stopped at my uncle's horse ranch in Nevada. A blast of a place, I'd love to live there. Two horses, three dogs, three cats, and five acres on the hot playa. It was about 90 degrees when I visited, but there was a breeze. I would stand outside in the sun, cleaning the mud off my boots and cursing the heat. Its the sort of heat that challenges you to live, that you get a boost of adrenaline every second you feel it on your face. Ah... bliss...
Anyway, we stayed there for two nights. Then we continued on up to Oregon. The plan (which I had been awkwardly forced into) was that I would live with my grandpa and attend community college up there, gaining residency status and aquainting myself with Oregon before I jumped up to Corvallis for my forestry degree.
Well, I discovered that living with him is a chore. He doesn't eat the same foods I do, he has unchangeable habits, and he talks SO MUCH! And because I'm a good grandson and I respect him, I made the effort to be good, and it DROVE ME NUTS! So I hitched a bus ride home last Tuesday (the 10th) under the pretense of going to a friend's graduation. Safe at last, right?
No, not at all. My father poked fun that I came 700-odd miles just to go to a girl's graduation. 'Cassanova' and all. Well, bite me. I was the only friend that came to her graduation, but I couldn't find her family, so I sat by myself in the breeze. It was alright. I do good things for friends.

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(I have a lot to get out of my system, pardon me...)